srijeda, 2. travnja 2014.

Palm Oil: The Other Kind of Oil Spill

 I really get upset seeing things like this on net! A photo of devastated nature circling as nature(???)... I understand that beauty is in shapes and forms... and image itself is beautiful, but its purpose is to raise awareness of ever growing destruction of nature, deforestation in particular, and also to hazards of monoculture, and peatland clearance, practices which release vast amounts of carbon dioxide.
 Now I know there are ignorant people and people who simply don't care, so I don't react on first, but when things like this turn viral; that's a different pair of shoes! Then I need.....

 Picture DEFORESTATION FOR PALM OIL Deforestation to make way for palm oil plantations is getting to be a huge problem.
Palm oil can be found in many of our household products.
Acres of forests are cleared to make way for palm oil plantations.
The United Nations links this to global warming directly.
Not only is this leading to climate change, but endangered species such as the orangutan population, is being completely wiped out!

 Visit and sign the petition against palm oil.

Products Containing Palm Oil