utorak, 8. travnja 2014.

A GYMNAST BASE jumper attempts a somersault on a high bar, perched on the edge of a cliff! What
 could go wrong? Well, a lot really.

The presenter Arde Sende Osen admits he thought the base jumper would be killed after witnessing the 'worst' accident he has ever see at work
A second camera shows the startling danger that that the daredevil is left in when it all goes wrong

But the helpless crew are relieved to see the parachute open as he gets closer towards the ground

Richard Henriksen, a Norwegian surgeon, who doubles as a daredevil was a victim of a stunt gone wrong.

While filming a daredevil segment for the “Normal Madness” TV show, his plan was to swing around the high bar and somersault off the cliff but while he was swinging around the bar, the frames broke loose and he disappeared from site, flying off the 4,000-foot cliff. Luckily he did not crash into the rocky surface and was able to open his parachute for a safe landing.

Credits: Mediakraze and Daily Mail