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Penny4NASA is a campaign run by the Space Advocates nonprofit, a nonpartisan organization seeking to promote the expansion of funding for the economic, scientific and cultural value of the United States' national space program by advocating an increase in the budget for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to at least one percent of the United States Federal Budget. Penny4NASA also attempts to promote public awareness of the NASA mission and budget, and has produced a series of outreach videos, as well as performing educational outreach via social media.



On this post I'm planing to collect amazing scans I come across. I'm so sorry for the lack of informations on these photographs that are mostly made from magazines.
From National Geographic magazine from cca 1960s

Pigeon Point beach on Tobago
National Geographic | January 1953
New York City, 1978
Cars waiting at a polling station
National Geographic | October 1990
The Thinker,

National Geographic May 1965